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Sourcing Information for Your Franchise: Looking Beyond Franchise Blogs

Posted by on Aug 29 2013 | Business

Following the top franchise blogs to keep on top of what’s happening in the franchise industry and to get useful tips and advice on how to run your franchise, whether as a franchiser or franchisee is very important. However, while blogs are invaluable as a source of information, you need to make sure that you don’t overlook other equally useful sources of information, such as national statistics and company websites.

ADP National Franchise Report July 2013Image Credit: ADP National Franchise Report July 2013


Company Websites as Sources of Information

If you are a franchisee, staying in touch with what’s going on with the franchiser’s company is key. If you’ve picked a good company though, chances are you’re already getting regular updates and even have access to inside information. However, there are still company news that might not be released to franchisees since they are not directly related to the franchising aspect of the business that would be good for you to know about. Company decisions seemingly unrelated to your business are still bound to affect you indirectly.

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5 Best Blogs on Personal Safety Tips

Posted by on Aug 22 2013 | Blogs

It’s a must for anybody today to ensure his safety whether in the real world or online. With crimes of all types being committed to both children and adults anywhere, one must be vigilant and alert to avoid becoming a victim.

Personal safety should be valued at all times. Parents need to teach their children how to protect themselves and adults should also find a way to learn the best ways to stay safe whether indoors or outdoors.

Sex crimes against women and children are a great concern among parents and teachers these days. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 747,000 registered sex offenders.

In addition to sex crimes, burglaries are very common. These cases are said to be highest during the month of August and lowest in February due to factors such as weather and length of day. Continue Reading »

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The Top Ten Franchise Blogs

Posted by on Aug 02 2013 | Blogs

Looking for the best places on the Internet for franchise-related info?

If you are, then our short list of the top franchise blogs (listed in no particular order) should help you, whether you’re looking for great investment opportunities or just want to have a better grasp of the franchising model. With bloggers being so influential these days, why not follow the blogs right?


Photo Credit


The Franchise King - Self-dubbed “Franchise King” Joel Libava aims to help prospective franchise owners make wiser decisions for a better chance at success. He believes that franchising is not for most. Aside from the blog, he sells his eBook on franchising and offers consulting services as well.

Franchise Business Law – Maintained by the Griffith Business School, this is one of the best blogs to read before getting into the franchise business, both as a franchisor and franchisees to ensure that you don’t end up with contract nightmares and labor issues. Specially suited for Australian investors, but is also great resource for investors world wide.

Lorelle Frazer’s Blog - Industry expert and franchise researcher Professor Lorelle Frazer gives advice on franchising and “reports on the latest franchise research outcomes on industry growth, trends, changes and topical issues such as conflict resolution, co-branding and more.”

FranchiseExpo.com – FranchiseExpo may not be a blog per se, but with special sections on posts from industry experts, interviews with CEOs and the latest franchise news, you bet that this is an excellent source for franchise-related information.

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Best Blogs for the Classic Car Lovers

Posted by on Jul 10 2013 | Blogs, Other

Classic cars are always well loved by many people particularly the vintage car lovers. For some people, owning a classic car gives them much prestige and happiness.

In these days when sleek and modern cars are commonly seen on the streets, the vintage ones that have been well maintained often attract much attention. Either they get a second look or a long stare together with a big “Wow!” from people when they pass by the streets. Even at motor shows, they hog the limelight and get much appreciation from visitors and car enthusiasts both young and old.

Various vintage cars are still running today in the different parts of the world. Some classic car collectors even go the extra mile and salvage or buy old and unused cars that they spot in their locality or in other countries they visit. They don’t mind investing their hard earned money to have and maintain these old vehicles that are no longer manufactured.

Some of the most expensive classic cars today are the 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic ($30-$40 million), 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental ($13 million), 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa ($12.4 million), 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder ($10.8 million) and 007 Aston Martin DB5 ($5-$10 million).

If you’re an avid fan of vintage cars regardless you own one or not, there are some blogs that you can follow to satisfy your craving for those old automobiles.

Classic Nation

Classic Nation has a classic car blog that provides news and articles on vintage automotive. The blog posts feature images of classic automobiles both in their best form as well as while in the process of being restored to their original beauty.

Old Cars Blog

This blog reviews classic cars from the very first ones that came into this world. Those particular about the brands can check out the six other web pages available specifically for Audi, BMW, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce.

Classic Car Blog

The site offers tips on repairing the electronic ignition of old automobiles and information on auto parts. It also provides details on classic car shows.

Vintage and Classic Car Blog

Car enthusiasts looking for loads of photos featuring vintage cars will have a feast on this blog. Each post includes many photos of old automobiles (interior and exterior) for you to enjoy. Articles on car shows and historic car races are also shared on the site to let you in on what occurred during those exciting events.

On the practical side, did you know that you can actually make use of your classic car in times of emergencies? In case you are cash-strapped, you can use the old vehicle you own to apply for an auto title loan. With its high value, lenders can offer you the amount you desire in exchange for your car title.

About the guest author:

Joseph Francis is a professional blogger that provides information and advice on bad credit loans and title pawns. He writes for TitleMax, a title loans store with locations nationwide.

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Bloggers Are Influential

Posted by on Jun 19 2013 | Blogs

You don’t know this yet, but blogging will be influencing so many people in the near future. How many people go online to get advice about the latest fashion trends, latest “mommy” innovation, recipes, latest gaming services, tech news, etc? There are millions of bloggers all over the world that has been helping regular people with their everyday life.

Blogging is not just a hobby these days, it is not a form of business as well. So many people take up blogging to earn money. The more people who subscribe to a  blog, the more sponsors a blogger get, the more money they earn. Blogs are very helpful. The reason why so many people visit these types of sites is because there is a certain casual vibe into it. It is less intimidating to listen to advice and tips coming from a regular Joe. In the next few years, experts say that more and more people will be visiting blogs and making bloggers have a higher influence in the world.

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WordPress Turns 10

Posted by on May 31 2013 | Blogs


Before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, memes, or GIFs ever existed, back when it was cool to have a LiveJournal, WordPress began. It was 2003, when people were excited to blog everyday, that’s when WordPress began. Ten years later, it is still being used by millions of people around the world.

WordPress is one of the most used open source blogging tool available to use for free by anyone. In the 10 years of existence, it has been downloaded around 18 million times just for the most recent version which is 3.5.

The reason why there are so many people drawn to WordPress is because it is very user friendly. Anyone who would like to actually blog can do it because the steps are easy. It has a lot of different features and such as themes and plugins that a person without a background in web design or web development can easily have a fully functioning website.


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Mom Bloggers

Posted by on Apr 27 2013 | Blogs


Mom bloggers are heaven sent. They are the most honest and helpful people in the internet. There’s a saying that with knowledge comes power and being a mother is one of the best life experience a woman has a privilege of doing. It is hard work and it’s wonderful how mothers who blog help other mothers gain some sort of footing in the parenting world.

If you yourself are a mother, then here are some great mommy blogs that you might want to visit:

1. http://not-your-average-mom.com/ - this blog is maintained by a mother of 7, she was a previous teacher and now a full time mom. The site is funny but also extremely helpful.

2. http://www.diyinspired.com/ - This blog is filled with Do it Yourself projects that will be great for mothers and children.

3. http://www.ohmystars.me/ - This is the blog of beautiful mother and business owner. It’s a nice blog to follow because of the beautiful words and pretty photos.


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What NOT To Blog

Posted by on Feb 23 2013 | Blogging Tips


Blogging can be such a fun hobby. It’s easy to blog specially if you love writing and sharing thoughts but there are still some limitations to bloggers. An unspoken rule that needs to be followed. You know how to blog but do you know what NOT to blog? Here are some of the things you should not blog about before you type away!

Do not do a lot of complaining. People visit a blog to read mostly because they want to entertain themselves. No one will be entertained if it’s all about whining. Unless you add some comedic charm to it, like complaining about a dumb TV show like Housewives of New Jersey.

Do not get too personal. Sure, blogging is expressing your thoughts but it’s public and it’s not your silly little diary. People will get uncomfortable if you start talking about your latest sex-capade.

Religion and Politics. There’s no need to further explain this since it really is just too obvious. Not all your readers will be open minded and it might not sit well with them if you start bashing political stand or religious beliefs.

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What To Blog About

Posted by on Jan 16 2013 | Writing

With many different websites that offer templates for easy making of blog, just about anybody can have one if they wanted to. But what is it that you want to talk about in your blog that would keep it interesting? The main thing is to make sure you are writing about  something that genuinely interests you. Don’t bother thinking if the topic will attract a lot of readers, eventually if you write it well and from the heart it will gain a following. Pick a niche. If you have kids and would not mind talking about them, then try and make a parenting blog. If you like cooking and you’re confident enough that you make great recipes you want to share, then lean towards making a food blog. What you need to remember is that you give yourself rules and limitations. Be respectful to people you want to write about. If you are going to write about your personal life, make sure that you keep something of yourself to yourself. You’ll realize that you will thank yourself in the future.


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The Basic Rules Of Blogging

Posted by on Dec 21 2012 | Blogs

Blogging is so popular these days and to create one for yourself is very easy. If you are planning to jump in the band wagon or you already have, here are some simple rules you must live by when maintaining your site.

Be Authentic – if you want people to continuously read what you have to write, make sure that you stay honest to what you believe in. Your posts must reflect your identity. There are already too many poseurs on the internet, do not be one of them.

Do not steal content- it’s somehow connected to the first rule mentioned. Stealing other people’s thoughts is NEVER good.

Pay attention to spelling and grammar- write as if you’re about to submit the post to your English teacher. Readers can be very critical with your writing so make sure they have very little to none to criticize about.

Enjoy the process- do not focus on the number of hits you get (unless you are blogging to earn money) but make sure blogging is a fun experience, otherwise your posts will reflect the negativity.



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