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Posted by on Feb 23 2013 | Blogging Tips


Blogging can be such a fun hobby. It’s easy to blog specially if you love writing and sharing thoughts but there are still some limitations to bloggers. An unspoken rule that needs to be followed. You know how to blog but do you know what NOT to blog? Here are some of the things you should not blog about before you type away!

Do not do a lot of complaining. People visit a blog to read mostly because they want to entertain themselves. No one will be entertained if it’s all about whining. Unless you add some comedic charm to it, like complaining about a dumb TV show like Housewives of New Jersey.

Do not get too personal. Sure, blogging is expressing your thoughts but it’s public and it’s not your silly little diary. People will get uncomfortable if you start talking about your latest sex-capade.

Religion and Politics. There’s no need to further explain this since it really is just too obvious. Not all your readers will be open minded and it might not sit well with them if you start bashing political stand or religious beliefs.

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