The Basic Rules Of Blogging

Posted by on Dec 21 2012 | Blogs

Blogging is so popular these days and to create one for yourself is very easy. If you are planning to jump in the band wagon or you already have, here are some simple rules you must live by when maintaining your site.

Be Authentic – if you want people to continuously read what you have to write, make sure that you stay honest to what you believe in. Your posts must reflect your identity. There are already too many poseurs on the internet, do not be one of them.

Do not steal content- it’s somehow connected to the first rule mentioned. Stealing other people’s thoughts is NEVER good.

Pay attention to spelling and grammar- write as if you’re about to submit the post to your English teacher. Readers can be very critical with your writing so make sure they have very little to none to criticize about.

Enjoy the process- do not focus on the number of hits you get (unless you are blogging to earn money) but make sure blogging is a fun experience, otherwise your posts will reflect the negativity.



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