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Posted by on Jan 16 2013 | Writing

With many different websites that offer templates for easy making of blog, just about anybody can have one if they wanted to. But what is it that you want to talk about in your blog that would keep it interesting? The main thing is to make sure you are writing about  something that genuinely interests you. Don’t bother thinking if the topic will attract a lot of readers, eventually if you write it well and from the heart it will gain a following. Pick a niche. If you have kids and would not mind talking about them, then try and make a parenting blog. If you like cooking and you’re confident enough that you make great recipes you want to share, then lean towards making a food blog. What you need to remember is that you give yourself rules and limitations. Be respectful to people you want to write about. If you are going to write about your personal life, make sure that you keep something of yourself to yourself. You’ll realize that you will thank yourself in the future.


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